#133 - Returns
Posted August 31, 2016 at 12:50 pm

FIRST OFF! I guess you could call this the 'conclusion' comic, but it's not necessarily the last LSE! I have a few little denoument strips in mind, which should go up much quicker than this one did since they're strips and not comic-ending pages =__=;;

There's so much I want to say, but I don't wanna bury you under text! So to try to keep it brief: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for reading the comic, leaving your encouragement and questions, and sharing your own experiences with me! I'm seriously blown away by how many people have contacted me that are now thinking of becoming (or already applied to be) ALTs!

Obviously not everyone can or should do it, but as someone who never lived outside the US before, it was a HUGE experience for me. Living in another country that length of time really gives you a new perspective on a lot of things, and helps you reassess what's really important in your life.

And huge shoutout to all my friends, coworkers, and students back in Japan, who made my time there really amazing! I think I was really lucky with where I got placed and all the amazing and welcoming people I got to meet. It was only 2.5 years, but technically that's about a tenth of my life so far if you look at it that way!?

And the book is now in the works! We're planning for an October kickstarter! But we want to have the whole book laid out and prepped by that point, so that the KS goes smoothly and everyone gets their copies ASAP. But I'll definitely be updating here as that moves along!

And speaking of October, if you happen to live around Corpus Christi, Texas (I know the chances are slim! XD) I'll be at Realmscon! I didn't plan any other cons this year since I'm still so busy settling back into the US, but this one's local so it's the one exception! :0

And of course my other two comics, Sleepless Domain and Kiwi Blitz, will continue to update regularly!

Thanks so much again AAAAaaaaAA!!